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Summerset Warranty form and Customer Service

We have found that Summerset products have a high reliability and along with that they have a Live Courteous and helpful Customer Service team. This is one of the criteria that uses to decide what products we will sell for the best customer experience and value for their money.  

TheGrillFather suggests you fill out the Registration and/or Warranty form before calling Summerset Customer Service for ANY Warranty issues, as it will save you time on the phone.
Should you run across some warranty issues, you can call 714 966-9330 and ask for Customer Service. 

This these are the forms you will need Before you call may want to have these items handy - 

  1. Sales Receipt Invoice or copy of where you purchased 
  2. Date of Purchase
  3. Brief description of your issue
  4. Photos of your issue, and you will probably be asked for photos 

Here is a link to the Warranty form

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