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Natural Gas to Propane Solution using your own Orfices?

When you find you have NO CHOICE, We have heard from some NON-Professional sources that people have removed the Natural Orfices and are filling the Orifice or hole ( JB Weld) with engine-type epoxy and re-drilling the holes in your existing orifices. Technically, the orfices stay pretty cool and it might just work if you are desperate or have NO CHOICE. 

The only thing that can happen is that the epoxy falls out after time and you end up with a high flame, which will quickly obvious.

What Drill size do I use? Well that is the $64,000 question, type the word "Drill" in our search box and you will see some of the sizes that have been passed around in the Do-It-Yourselfer community.

For Liability and Safety reasons, does not recommend the action in this article.


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