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Weber Conversion UPDATE Finally a company can do Conversions - 877-731-8081 or 954-922-5829

Weber – Contact Frank at Weber Parts Conversion kits
Contact Frank at 877-731-8081

These are the only Weber relater conversion company available and are great people. 

The costs are approximately - 

  • $179 for 3 burner,
  • 329 for Summit 6-8 burner conversion kit. 

You may have to fill out a form click here -

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    Chris Housewright

    I've contacted Frank at the number provided, and I've ordered the conversion kit (includes lp manifold and line with regulator) as i felt that i didn't have much of a choice outside of buying a new grill. It does come off as bit shady (just check the site as it's 2016 and the entire process had to be handled via the phone, but once i feel confident one way or another i'll provide an updated comment.