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Grill Care & Repair

TheGrillFather is pleased to offer you a wealth of information on barbecue grill repair topics gathered from our years of experience in rebuilding 'cues. The information provided is not intended to take the place of the owners manual that was supplied with your grill. Specific safety, repair and maintenance information varies between grill models and brands. Always refer to your owners manual.

Gas Grill Care

Cleaning Cooking Grates

Your cooking grids can be easily cleaned by covering them with a layer of aluminum foil and heating the grill on high for 10 to 15 minutes. The baked on food will turn to a fine white powder which can be easily brushed away.

Minimize Flare-ups

To minimize "flare-ups" change your lava rock once a season or when saturated with barbecue drippings. You can also switch to using ceramic or porcelain briquettes which are less porous and can be baked clean by turning them over and heating.

Slow Cooking/Indirect Cooking

To cook chicken and pork or for other slow cooking, turn one side of the grill on low and cook the barbecue on opposite side of warm rack for an indirect method of cooking.

Gas Valve: One-turn does it!

When opening your propane tank valve, open only one turn so that you can turn it off in a hurry if you need to. There is no advantage to opening the tank valve all the way open.

Discourage Critters

To help discourage squirrels and other critters from chewing and damaging the gas supply hose from your tank in their search for barbecue drippings, occassionally wipe the hose down with an ammonia and water cleaner.

Protect Grill Body Using Vegie Oil

You can help protect your grill body from the weather and minimize white spots and oxidation by coating the outside of the grill with a light coating of vegetable oil applied with a paper towel while cool.

Retain Moisture in Meat with Apple Juice

Spritzing ribs, chicken or other slow cooking meats with apple juice will keep the food moist without changing the flavor.

Add Smoky Goodness Using Wood Chips

To add some smoky flavoring to your gas grilling, try soaking hickory or mesquite chips in water and wrapping the moist chips in aluminum foil like an ear of corn. Poke a few holes in the foil and place directly on the lava rock or ceramic briquettes.

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