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Caution – What you should see before you convert your grill?

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Considering converting your Weber, Napoleon, Lynx, Twin Eagles, Fire Magic, grill without consulting a professional or knowing or understanding what you are doing?

Note: Conversion kits are NOT available for Weber
Summerset Professional Grills are the ONLY grill on the market that we know of that come Included with your new grill.

Be Careful !, Especially when converting from Natural Gas to Propane.
Natural Gas is Low pressure and pushing LP which is two times the pressure can result in damage to life, limb and or grill. Be careful. We see charbroiled rubber LP hoses, damaged grills, and terrified DYI’ers.

Weber flat out does not offer ANY conversion and others you need to pay for. One responsible company stands out, Summerset Professional Grills because they include a conversion kit with EVERY grill at no additional charge.

This is just one reason why we review a Grill attributes for their best overall customer experience.

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