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Do you have tips on how to hook up or convert LP/NG on my Natural Gas Grill?

I have a Natural gas grill that is being hooked up for the first time and my husband or wife wants to hook up the grill, what do I do? What parts do I need?

You will more than likely be looking for a 3/8” gas pipe.  
Most Grills that are fitted for Natural gas and will have a Square regulator (photo) attached with a 1/2” into the grill wiht a straight nipple to 3/8” brass flair fitting sticking out. 
For example, all Summerset grills have a 3/8” brass flair fitting coming out of the regularor so you can hook up to your Natural gas pipe with a compression fit.
The majority of Natural gas pipes are 1/2” straight pipe. 

You can purchase the LP Regulator here
This is what a flair fitting looks like.
Make sure you DO NOT use any pipe dope or pipe tape for a flair fitting.
What diameter gas pipe should I get? 
3/8” is the most popular for a grill and a ,sear or side burner or typical Island Component. 
It will be better if you can get a 1/2” or larger pipe feeding your island are.
if you have many components you should get the pipe that will support all the components, along with some extra BTUS.
Q. What length pipe should I get?
A. Select a length of pipe that give you allow room to pull out the grill and you do not want it to be too short where you cannot move your grill.
Q. Where can I get the female and male versions of this fitting?
A.  We have found this to be a good source.
See this PDF Diagram
Home depot carries a variety of gas connector kits, but they are a pain to find. 
If you have a grill that requires more BTU’s than listed and your gas is already installed in the ground, don’t worry, just get the largest pipe for your island or grill station. You might get performance issues if you are running a firepit at the same time you are running your grill or you have a sear burner and a double burner runing at the same time. 

New Construction - consult your contractor for BTU calculations to best feed your grill, Firepits, and any other gas components, so they work at their best when all are running at the same time. You may be limited by the pipe size that is coming from your gas meter which can range in distance to your grill.
Recommendations: It is always a recommendation that you hire a licensed plumber to connect your Natural Gas fittings.
Home Depot and Lowes carry the gas connector kits you need. 
Here is the Home Depot link for the 3/8” pipes -
We put together a document you can -
Take this PDF chart and information to Home Depot to guide you to get the correct parts. 
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