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Should I get All Sear or One Sear, or None?

If your new to Sear, it is great cooking asset, although we think it is oversold as the Answer to the NEW Grill .

The sear burner is an ultra-quick ultra-hot burner that uses Ceramic that radiates heat in the Infrared heat range, which can range from 200F to as much as 1600F. The are referred to as "IR Burners"

Consider these two factors when shopping for a grill -

Q. Do I grill with the grill lid down and let the meat cook while I am with my friends?

A. Grills with Sear Burners are not designed to be left alone nor should to close the lid for extended periods or at all, especially if all the grill burners are ALL SEAR Burners.

Closing the lid will creamate your grill and your food. With Sear, you need to stay with your grill and babysit your food. 

Q. Do I want to have the abillty to change out the sear for the standard burner?

A. Most are not sure but the answer is a resounding Yes, so look for grills that allow you to "Plug N' Play" your burners. It gives you better Flexibiity. 

At the time of this article, RCS & Summerset, and Twin Eagles are the only Brands with this Flexibility.

This is what a Sear Burner on your Left and a Standard Cast Burner on your right Look like -


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