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How can I minimize the Wind from affecting my grill with the lid closed? Spoiler or Wind deflector?

Most high-end Barbecue grills have a heat breathing-gap behind the hood of the grill.  We have found in a “perfect storm” or high windy conditions could affect the overall grill heat and in some cases push heat towards the front of the grills towards your valves or controls, making them hot to the touch and is not good for the valves or controls.

As as solution, Summerset Professional is the first company to remedy this solution by manufacturing a spoiler into the Alturi and has an after-market part for all the Summerset barbecue lines. Adding this custom stainless steel wind “deflector” or “spoiler” that can easily be installed.

Steps to install –

  1. Order the correct size spoiler
  2. The holes in the spoiler are 5/32″
  3. You will need to purchase a 1/8″ high speed carbide tipped drill bit as you are drilling into stainless steel. I suggest you buy multiple drill bits as they can break.
  4. Use a drilling oil to keep the drill bit lubricated.
  5. we suggest you locate 1/8″ stainless steel screw at  1/2″ in length at your local hardware store and screw them in place.
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