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Which door or Refrigerator should I order? Left-Handed, Right-Hinged, Left-Handed Right-Hinged.

Confused? Not sure which side you want the Hinge or Door handles on? Your not alone which is why we made this guide.

When ordering a single door product, many of us are not certain what the manufacture means by Left handed or Right handed

99% of the items you will order or see is defined as a Right-Hand door in reference to the hinge placement, which a Right-Handed door will have the hinges on the Right side and the Handle on the Left. It is probably good to identify both when ordering from someone so you are 100% certain you have conveyed what you want and how they interpret your request.

Quick Reference

Standard Door / Refrigerator Door – Left-Handed Door = Hinges on the Right and Handle on the Left.

Special Door / Refrigerator Door –  Right-Handed Door = Hinges on the Left and Handle on the Right.


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