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What is an LTL Pro number or Truck Tracking number?

In the shipping industry, LTL is a common term, especially the way large bulky items like Barbecue Grills are Shipped. LTL stands for Less than a Truck Load.

Truckers go to the pickup warehouse with their truck typically full of other items, depending on the day, and pick-up your item from the warehouse, and then deliver it to a local hub or depot closest to the City you live in.
From there, you get a direct phone call that you left with your order, hopefully a CELL number, so they can contact you and setup a time to meet, typically the next day.

Updates - You can get Truck status updates at the shipper website, but remember, the truckers check in every 12hrs, so your information can be from 0-12 hours old. The shipping company updates whenever it works for them, so it could be morning or night, so there is no real system in getting the most accurate information from shipper to shipper. I would always wait at least 24 hrs before checking.

Sometimes you may or may not be given a tracking or pro number, or even a BOL (Bill Of Lading) reference and you plug it into the spot at the Shipper website. Every shipper has a different way of updating and giving you an online tracking spot or box to enter the number you were given. Below is a sample of Saia trucking number.

The major carriers to date that we and most used but are not limited to  -



Old Dominion

Road Runner



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