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How do I light my Knob-Driven “Flame Thrower” ignitor?

How do I light my Knob-Driven “Flame Thrower” ignitor?

1. Press in the knob and turn slightly counter clockwise, this allows the gas to flow through the burners

2. then make a quick turn to counter clockwise as a snap to ignite the gas. 


Using LP, I cannot hear the gas flow when I turn the knob?

If you cannot hear the gas flowing then your LP tank may be locked closed. In the recent years, the LP tanks have a safety lock on them to keep from having the gas leak if someone turns the tank on and the valves are open at the same time.

The other possibility is a frozen regulator. The first thing you can do before you replace the regulator is below. 

Procedure to reset your tank and regulator for LP.

1. turn all Gas Grill knobs off

2. Turn off your LP tank

3. Unscrew the regulator at the tank disconnecting it from the valve, to release residual gas pressure 

4. Slowly turn on the tank valve and back it off a 1/4 turn. (the 1/4 turn is to keep the valve from sticking open)

5. Light your grill according to the grill manufacture’s instructions. 



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