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How do I identify my Summerset or RCS Model number?

Summerset has its model number and gas type information on the lower inside right side of the grill.

In order to expose it, you will need to pull your grill forward slightly with care that it does not fall forward. Make sure you use two people to be safe, with one holding the grill and the other to read the badge. See the sample below.

The model number in older units is serial number combination. TR is the model and the size is listed in the serial number.

This is the breakdown of the number listed here in this sample - CH321101650241

CH 32, or TRL-32

2110 = the year it was manufactured

Remaining numbers are the actual serial numbers.

If you cannot identify your grill or the badge is unreadable, call us and we can help.



RCS - uses a badge that is in the trip tray area, on top or underneath. Pull the tray completely out.



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